Cooperation and communi-cation

In 2015, the company was included in Sino-America environment protection partnership plan, and signed contract with application energy research center of University of Kentucky as witnessed by both parties.


国家发改委副主任王晓涛、美国副国务卿凯瑟琳、           中国气候变化事务特别代表解振华         

  美国肯塔基大学能源应用中心总经理Donald J .Challman  





Australia - China soil pollution prevention and rehabilitation research center director professor mark chandler to visit our company, and our company signed the soil pollution prevention and repair of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, engineering scale cooperation intentions.

                                                                     陈建国    卫宁医药股份董事

                                                                     贺纪正    中科院 墨尔本大学教授

                                                                     陈德立    澳中研发中心主任