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The company oganized 2015 annual work summary management discussion-meeting

In 2015, the face of internal and external environment, human wisdom difficult changing and other adverse factors, in solidarity, tolerance and understanding, practical work, the company got the healthy and steady development, the formation of a young, efficient and passionate team, with remarkable achievements. Recently, the company organized the 2015 annual work summary management seminar. The conference focused on all the work in 2015, combined with the successful experience and shortcomings of the project implementation process, made a careful summary, and carried out detailed deployment for next year's work.

Technology purification environment is our mission based on human wisdom, energy saving and environmental protection, focusing on the gas-liquid system, the integration of internal and external resources, to create a leading project is our strategy, we have a common responsibility to care for the performance of team innovation value change simple optimistic view, we adhere to the development of energy saving and environmental protection for the optimal solution to the customers, the low cost of general contract implementation. The goal of success with customers.

We should improve the ISO9001 quality assurance system, strengthen team building, sum up experience and lack of induction. We firmly believe that the 2016 Chilean people will open a new chapter, ushered in the most passionate, and look forward to the challenge of five years of development road.